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Did you know, that…

… Görlitz with 4000 monuments is the largest area monument in Germany?

… it only takes a short walk over the old town bridge to get to the Polish sister city Zgorzelec?

… an anonymous patron of the city donated one million DM or half a million euros annually from 1995 to 2016?

… culture in Görlitz is celebrated across borders?

… the Holy Sepulcher is the most faithful replica of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem?

… in Germany the sun rises first in Görlitz?

… Görlitz has already embodied New York, Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Paris, Heidelberg in the film?

… the time in Görlitz corresponds exactly to the Central European time?

… the tower clock of the Trinity Church on the Obermarkt strikes seven minutes early?

… Gorlitz is located?

… the Schönhof is the oldest middle-class Renaissance house in Germany in Görlitz?

… beer is brewed in an industrial monument using traditional craft methods?

… GörlitzZgorzelec shows itself from a particularly idyllic side on boat and canoe tours on the Neisse?

… the hall buildings are typical of Görlitz?

… Zittau / Görlitz University is a truly international educational institution?

… Görlitz is located on the 630 km long Oder-Neisse cycle path?

… the Birkenstock Group has its largest production site in Görlitz?

… the world-famous sun organ built by Eugenio Casparini at the end of the 17th century, in which St. Peter’s Church can even imitate birdsong?

… is the famous son of the city Jacob Böhme (1575-1624)?

… the city theater is known as the „Little Semper Opera“?

You will get all these answers when you visit our beautiful city.

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